A new start for my YouTube Channel!

Just before the New Year, I uploaded the below video explaining an idea and hopes I have for 2020 and creating short videos for my YouTube channel.

The aim is to post a new video every Monday (probably in the evening), that’ll be focused around Family, Faith and Faffing.

Hope you enjoy – see you Monday.


(incase you can’t see the video immediately, click the link or head to youtube and search ‘Ben Pocock’ and hopefully you’ll find me).


Creating, not consuming.

With my first video (and blog!) in a while – I wanted to take a few minutes to share about my creative cycle I go on. Hopefully this may mean there will be more content from me coming soon.


If you’re unable to see the above video, visit youtube and search for me there, you’ll come across the channel. Feel free to subscribe and see all the videos when they are uploaded.



Competition Time!

I’m running the London Marathon, raising money for Compassion UK,and decided I’d make a little competition for it!


All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning a Costa Coffee Voucher (I know, right) is the following:

Click the below link and sponsor me (as little as a £1 and as much higher than that as you like!), and when you do, leave a comment with your donation guessing how long you think it will take me to finish the London Marathon 2018. The closest person to my actual finishing time will win the voucher!

Donate & enter the competition by clicking here:

Thank you for your generosity!

Check out the below video sharing about this.

I’m running in the London Marathon 2018!

On Sunday 22nd April 2018 I will be running the London Marathon, raising money for Compassion, and you can join me!….. (by donating and cheering me on!).

To help make this more interesting, I’m making some videos along the way. Find out more by watching the video below (or clicking here if it doesn’t work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXzqn1cUgFc)

You can DONATE HERE: https://challenges.compassionuk.org/profile/517/ben-pocock

Thank you so much for any donations! More videos to follow.

Taking the baby shopping (with some Primark chaos)

Since when did going into town to do some shopping become ‘a thing’ for us?! When we had a baby I guess… Hope you enjoy the latest video.

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Dear Jasper… | A Letter from a dad to his newborn son.

I thought I would write a letter to my 1 month old newborn son Jasper – and decided to gather various bits of film and footage collected over the last 30 or so days and make it into a video-letter! As a new dad, I guess I wanted to make something that is for him to be able to look back on when he’s older, and something for us to be able to remember what he is like now!

Hope you enjoy it too.


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What is the point of these vlogs?

In the most recent video, I try to take some time to share about what the purpose of the vlogs are. If projects you are involved in don’t have a particular purpose, you’re unlikely to be able to complete what you are attempting. So I wanted to work on writing out some thoughts on the purpose and reason I am making these videos.
As well as that, Heather and I are enjoy my final day on paternity leave on a field having a picnic, and even have a chance for a 3rd episode of mail-time!
Thank you to everybody who has given us kind words, cards, gifts, comments and congratulations following baby Jasper’s arrival. We feel so blessed by so many people!

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