Happy Birthday to the Dog (and a car-vlog).


My 1st Vlog – and what has stopped me.

For a year or two now I’ve had an idea that I haven’t really done much about until now. Other people have also said to me that I should make these and go for it, so now I finally am!

Two things have previously stopped me from making these:


TIME isn’t really an excuse though as we make time for whatever we prioritise. So that isn’t a factor anymore.

FEAR is irrational and paralysing so I’ve decided to not let that be a factor anymore.

With those factors out the way, feel free to check out this first of some regular vlogs of mine and let’s see how it goes!

Church On A Mission – Video Series

I’m part of Kerith Community Church in Berkshire, UK. We are currently in the middle of a 7 week devotional series called ‘Church On A Mission’. Every weekday we are publishing a short video of a mini-conversation around a bit of the Bible, looking at our mission as followers of Jesus individually, and as churches, and I’m hosting them.

Here’s the introduction video to tell you more about it, and CLICK HERE to be taken to the YouTube page to subscribe to that account.

Hope it is helpful!