This Sunday I am running the Reading Half-Marathon in a Sloth Onesie – want to make it worthwhile?

Just briefly coming out of Social IMG_20150317_114040Media Lent to plug the great cause that is Novo once again – on Sunday I am running the Reading Half Marathon dressed as a Sloth (a fleecy onesie, lovely) to raise some money for this great new charity.

The other day I tried on the costume, and just sitting on my sofa felt pretty hot. Running the half-marathon should be a pretty fun (if a somewhat sweaty) time.

This is the last call, please visit my JustGiving page to give whatever you can.

Thanks so much everyone, I really appreciate anything you can give.

Something to Get Involved with – Novo

Disclaimer: I know I’m not supposed to be writing/social media-ing about stuff, but this is a great and important thing to share with you all!

A friend of mine Andy Partington will soon be packing up his world and moving to Bolivia. Currently the Director of Yeldall Manor (an addiction recovery centre and programme with a Spiritual dimension to it), Andy and his team are starting a new venture called ‘Novo’, seeking to creating addiction recovery centers in developing nations. This is such an excellent opportunity to serve those in places where this kind of treatment and support is just not normally possible. What he’s doing is kind of a big deal, and he’s an absolute legend.

Got 5 minutes? Please take a look at the below video that sums up what they’ll be doing far better than I could.

So, here’s the plan – a whole bunch of us are running the Reading Half Marathon to raise money for Novo. Now, in honesty I’ve ran half marathons before so I won’t pretend that this is a total step into the unknown, but I’ve never ran is dressed as a Sloth before, which is what I’m doing this time.

I’d love it if you could help support Andy and his team by getting involved and donating some money to my JustGiving page for running on 22nd March, dressed like a Sloth, receiving lots a banter along the way, and probably getting as hot as you can expect to get running in a sloth-onesie. To donate click here or the link below to take you to the JustGiving page. There’s also a link to the left of this blog post.

Thanks so much for any support you can give, really appreciate it!


Time is flying by and here’s an update on how the last 5 days have been living without social media and with some seriously limited phone usage. It didn’t help this week as I lost the replacement phone I had – my only tech-contact with people. Oops! At least I had face to face contact still (phew).

However, all is found now, and I’m (slightly) more contactable now.

I would love to hear what you think about how much social media and access to the internet at the immediate time is enriching or spoiling your social interactions? What are your thoughts and opinions on this?

No Phone for 40 Days – The first few days.

During this season of Lent I am putting time and energies into others things other than my phone and social media. Here’s some thoughts after the first few days.

1. What do you do when you first wake up? Look at your phone?
2. What app do you go to FIRST? Why is that? 
3. Do you think our phone usage is a generational thing, or inter-generational thing?

Leave some comments, let’s continue the conversation!

Shrove Tuesday – Giving Up the Phone for Lent.

For the period of Lent I’ve decided to give myself space away from social media and excessive mobile phone usage. I recorded a short video below to outline why I fancy giving this a try, a few thoughts, and some of the rules I’ve put in place.

The Five Rules I’m putting in place are:

1. No Social Media | 2. No Text Messaging | 3. Limited Phone calls. | 4. No Internet Mobile Device Usage. | 5. I’m allowed emails (on my laptop only).

Hang on a minute! You are using social media! I found this link on facebook and twitter!” – I know, I’ve automatically set this blog post to send to twitter and facebook, but don’t worry I won’t be checking it.

Anyway, do post some comments on here or on the youtube account. Let’s get a conversation going.

A (mildly less) Mindless Monday – Car Ramblings

In a couple of days time Lent begins. The 40 day period between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday where we prepare. Prepare our souls, spend time in reflection, prayer, thought and a whole bunch of other things. Traditionally at Lent, followers of Jesus use this time as a time of sacrifice of things that may take up energy in their lives, in order to focus on what is important. It’s been a whole heap of years since I’ve particularly done anything for Lent, but no time like the presence to try something out again.

The other day in the car I had an idea, and I might incorporate this blog and my hobby of playing around with a camera as part of it. Let me know what you think, good idea? yey? ney?

Mindless Mondays – The Baking King

It’s been a while since our last Mindless Mondays. I decided one Saturday morning to bake some Apple Danish Pastries, and was playing about with the camera so captured it! I know this didn’t happen on a Monday (therefore can it count as a ‘mindless Monday’ video?!), but you can watch it on a Monday and I’m posting it on a Monday, and so hopefully you’ll have some enjoyment from my rather mediocre baking skills.

Take me to the Bake Off!