My 1st Vlog – and what has stopped me.

For a year or two now I’ve had an idea that I haven’t really done much about until now. Other people have also said to me that I should make these and go for it, so now I finally am!

Two things have previously stopped me from making these:


TIME isn’t really an excuse though as we make time for whatever we prioritise. So that isn’t a factor anymore.

FEAR is irrational and paralysing so I’ve decided to not let that be a factor anymore.

With those factors out the way, feel free to check out this first of some regular vlogs of mine and let’s see how it goes!


Church On A Mission – Video Series

I’m part of Kerith Community Church in Berkshire, UK. We are currently in the middle of a 7 week devotional series called ‘Church On A Mission’. Every weekday we are publishing a short video of a mini-conversation around a bit of the Bible, looking at our mission as followers of Jesus individually, and as churches, and I’m hosting them.

Here’s the introduction video to tell you more about it, and CLICK HERE to be taken to the YouTube page to subscribe to that account.

Hope it is helpful!


We all need a playground.

Sometimes I feel guilty that I haven’t posted anything on this site for a while. I think of the goals I set myself months ago that I am currently not hitting- whether it comes to frequency or quality of post. I occasionally think less of myself, not hitting the mark, not meeting the ‘quota’, or something like that. The feeling
doesn’t tend to last long though, for a few reasons really:

We all need a playground. A place to try things out. A place where you’re not havingimage1 to sit behind a desk but instead can run around playing whatever game you want to play. A playground where games are played with little responsibilities, without limitations. Games where you’re not quite good enough to play professionally (otherwise you would be), but games that you enjoy nonetheless. We all need a playground where we can try ideas, and be refreshed. Some will work incredibly well and some will be utterly awful. And that’s OK. This site is my playground, so I’ll play and try things out like a frantic, distracted schoolboy playing ‘World Cup Doubles’ with his mates during lunchtime. New things. Old Things. A range of types, styles and genres. Who knows.

Life is full. Christ came so that we might have life in all it’s abundance, and when our lives are full and in their abundance other things that are less abundant don’t have a chance of happening. I don’t think I’ve watched as little TV as I do now. I’m not saying that TV is a terrible and ‘non-abundant’ thing, but other stuff that I personally find more ‘tank-filling’ for me is taking its place. Like playing weekly village cricket. (Yes I am that British). What am I trying to say? Maybe this blog has been something a little less-abundant in the last season I’ve been in since March this year. Maybe its a seasonal thing. When I say ‘Life Is Full’, I also mean it in the negative sense too. I can certainly say that since March I’ve had seasons where life has been too full, too much, not enough margin and I’ve felt the aches of that.

Experiencing ≠ Sharing. I have done stuff. Really cool stuff. Stuff I really want to remember for the rest of my life. Stuff that I’d love others to know about. But they don’t need to know about. Experiencing does not have to equal sharing. I can slip into thinking that all my thoughts, feelings, encounters, revelations and experiences need to be shared publicly. They don’t. Instead of publicising everything so much, I’ve spent energy privately writing in my journal. It’s great, I can write typos and get away with it. I can write stuff that only appears on God’s newsfeed. I can experience life without sharing it, (mostly)!

With all that in mind, hopefully I will write more on this site. But I can’t promise anything I’m afraid, hopefully you can understand the 3 reasons above, and give me grace accordingly. And out of interest, what is your playground?

This Sunday I am running the Reading Half-Marathon in a Sloth Onesie – want to make it worthwhile?

Just briefly coming out of Social IMG_20150317_114040Media Lent to plug the great cause that is Novo once again – on Sunday I am running the Reading Half Marathon dressed as a Sloth (a fleecy onesie, lovely) to raise some money for this great new charity.

The other day I tried on the costume, and just sitting on my sofa felt pretty hot. Running the half-marathon should be a pretty fun (if a somewhat sweaty) time.

This is the last call, please visit my JustGiving page to give whatever you can.

Thanks so much everyone, I really appreciate anything you can give.

Something to Get Involved with – Novo

Disclaimer: I know I’m not supposed to be writing/social media-ing about stuff, but this is a great and important thing to share with you all!

A friend of mine Andy Partington will soon be packing up his world and moving to Bolivia. Currently the Director of Yeldall Manor (an addiction recovery centre and programme with a Spiritual dimension to it), Andy and his team are starting a new venture called ‘Novo’, seeking to creating addiction recovery centers in developing nations. This is such an excellent opportunity to serve those in places where this kind of treatment and support is just not normally possible. What he’s doing is kind of a big deal, and he’s an absolute legend.

Got 5 minutes? Please take a look at the below video that sums up what they’ll be doing far better than I could.

So, here’s the plan – a whole bunch of us are running the Reading Half Marathon to raise money for Novo. Now, in honesty I’ve ran half marathons before so I won’t pretend that this is a total step into the unknown, but I’ve never ran is dressed as a Sloth before, which is what I’m doing this time.

I’d love it if you could help support Andy and his team by getting involved and donating some money to my JustGiving page for running on 22nd March, dressed like a Sloth, receiving lots a banter along the way, and probably getting as hot as you can expect to get running in a sloth-onesie. To donate click here or the link below to take you to the JustGiving page. There’s also a link to the left of this blog post.

Thanks so much for any support you can give, really appreciate it!


Time is flying by and here’s an update on how the last 5 days have been living without social media and with some seriously limited phone usage. It didn’t help this week as I lost the replacement phone I had – my only tech-contact with people. Oops! At least I had face to face contact still (phew).

However, all is found now, and I’m (slightly) more contactable now.

I would love to hear what you think about how much social media and access to the internet at the immediate time is enriching or spoiling your social interactions? What are your thoughts and opinions on this?

No Phone for 40 Days – The first few days.

During this season of Lent I am putting time and energies into others things other than my phone and social media. Here’s some thoughts after the first few days.

1. What do you do when you first wake up? Look at your phone?
2. What app do you go to FIRST? Why is that? 
3. Do you think our phone usage is a generational thing, or inter-generational thing?

Leave some comments, let’s continue the conversation!