What is the point of these vlogs?

In the most recent video, I try to take some time to share about what the purpose of the vlogs are. If projects you are involved in don’t have a particular purpose, you’re unlikely to be able to complete what you are attempting. So I wanted to work on writing out some thoughts on the purpose and reason I am making these videos.
As well as that, Heather and I are enjoy my final day on paternity leave on a field having a picnic, and even have a chance for a 3rd episode of mail-time!
Thank you to everybody who has given us kind words, cards, gifts, comments and congratulations following baby Jasper’s arrival. We feel so blessed by so many people!

*If you are reading this on email (and so can’t see the video), click the title and it will bring you to my blog where you can watch the video from there!

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