Church On A Mission – Video Series

I’m part of Kerith Community Church in Berkshire, UK. We are currently in the middle of a 7 week devotional series called ‘Church On A Mission’. Every weekday we are publishing a short video of a mini-conversation around a bit of the Bible, looking at our mission as followers of Jesus individually, and as churches, and I’m hosting them.

Here’s the introduction video to tell you more about it, and CLICK HERE to be taken to the YouTube page to subscribe to that account.

Hope it is helpful!



2 thoughts on “Church On A Mission – Video Series

  1. YouTube videos have their own automated subtitles (called ‘captions’ on YouTube) on all their videos – there is an icon on the bottom right corner on the video that you can press in order to have them pop up. They are pretty helpful, but not 100% accurate – one day there may be capacity to manually type up subtitles, but we’re not there yet!

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