Something to Get Involved with – Novo

Disclaimer: I know I’m not supposed to be writing/social media-ing about stuff, but this is a great and important thing to share with you all!

A friend of mine Andy Partington will soon be packing up his world and moving to Bolivia. Currently the Director of Yeldall Manor (an addiction recovery centre and programme with a Spiritual dimension to it), Andy and his team are starting a new venture called ‘Novo’, seeking to creating addiction recovery centers in developing nations. This is such an excellent opportunity to serve those in places where this kind of treatment and support is just not normally possible. What he’s doing is kind of a big deal, and he’s an absolute legend.

Got 5 minutes? Please take a look at the below video that sums up what they’ll be doing far better than I could.

So, here’s the plan – a whole bunch of us are running the Reading Half Marathon to raise money for Novo. Now, in honesty I’ve ran half marathons before so I won’t pretend that this is a total step into the unknown, but I’ve never ran is dressed as a Sloth before, which is what I’m doing this time.

I’d love it if you could help support Andy and his team by getting involved and donating some money to my JustGiving page for running on 22nd March, dressed like a Sloth, receiving lots a banter along the way, and probably getting as hot as you can expect to get running in a sloth-onesie. To donate click here or the link below to take you to the JustGiving page. There’s also a link to the left of this blog post.

Thanks so much for any support you can give, really appreciate it!


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