Shrove Tuesday – Giving Up the Phone for Lent.

For the period of Lent I’ve decided to give myself space away from social media and excessive mobile phone usage. I recorded a short video below to outline why I fancy giving this a try, a few thoughts, and some of the rules I’ve put in place.

The Five Rules I’m putting in place are:

1. No Social Media | 2. No Text Messaging | 3. Limited Phone calls. | 4. No Internet Mobile Device Usage. | 5. I’m allowed emails (on my laptop only).

Hang on a minute! You are using social media! I found this link on facebook and twitter!” – I know, I’ve automatically set this blog post to send to twitter and facebook, but don’t worry I won’t be checking it.

Anyway, do post some comments on here or on the youtube account. Let’s get a conversation going.


4 thoughts on “Shrove Tuesday – Giving Up the Phone for Lent.

  1. Great idea and looking forward to seeing you use your new found time to make more videos. If you need someone to take care of your neglected iphone, let me know 😉

  2. Haha – yeah the new found will just end up being washed away with messing around with a camera instead of anything useful most likely! You can look after the phone as long as I don’t later find it on ebay…..!

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