My favourite part of 2014.

The first blog post of the year should probably be about something that I’d like to happen this coming year, some hopes and dreams etc. However, I wanted to finally post about one of my favourite moments of last year before getting onto new things.

Back in September I turned 30, and one of the ways Heather and I celebrated was with a trip around Italy. We had a wonderful 10 days travelling across the country, visiting various bits and pieces, sites and cities of the place. I was only told about the trip about 2 weeks before we left, so it was such an awesome surprise, and we had such an excellent time together.

Since then I’ve been meaning to put together a video of the stuff we saw and experienced, and over the Christmas break I’ve had an opportunity to get it finished. It’s mainly for Heather and I’s enjoyment as we look back at our holiday, but I figured you may fancy having a watch too. Think of it like a far quicker and less boring way to be subjected to your friend’s photos from a holiday 😉

Please excuse the mildly dodgy sound and video quality (I’m no professional!), but I’m sure you get the idea.


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