Mindless Monday – 3rd Wedding Anniversary

Mindless Mondays – because we all need times in our lives for relaxing, and having little responsibilities. 

This last week Heather and I took a few days off work to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. As well as having a great day refreshing at a local spa wandering around in dressing gowns and flip-flops, we ‘pottered’ around the house getting various DIY projects done.

With less than a week to go before I enter into a new decade of life – I’m realising that what once may have bored me to death, now excites me. Hence, some garden-shed rennovation.

Check out the video to see more.

I’m enjoying having a play around with cameras and editing software at the moment, hence these videos. Bear with me as I actually seek to improve the quality/content in these(!).




One thought on “Mindless Monday – 3rd Wedding Anniversary

  1. Hi Ben, just discovered your blog. Paula told me about it! Just wanted to say that my eldest son Charlie was 30 on 31st August and he has destroyed his rotten wood shed and built a brick one, with the help of a builder friend. Sheds must be a 30 year thing!! lol

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