Mindless Mondays – Daily Vlogs

I love Mondays. Whilst the rest of the world haul themselves out of bed and get to work, I have Monday's off work each week and its when I relax before my week's tend to begin on Tuesday. So, with that in mind I've decided that on Mondays I will seek to post blogs that feed that little part of us that loves the mindless, aimless, procrastination-filled bits of life that we simply need in order to relax and stay sane.

I'm calling these posts 'Mindless Mondays', and whether or not I post each Monday will depend on how mindless I'm feeling at the time.

Today I thought I would share a guilty pleasure of mine, Youtubers who post daily vlogs. Taking 15 minutes out of my day to watch somebody else's life may seem like a huge waste of time to you, and at times it does to me too, but I simply can't stop(!). There is something powerfully absorbing as you watch 15 minutes of somebody's yesterday, as they take their dogs for a walk, film their kids say stupid stuff, and generally think out loud with a camera infront of their face. I think if we admit it, there is something we all love about real life

The family dynamics and impact of these vlogs also enthrall me. Many vloggers now make a living through what they do. Many have hundreds of thousand of views on each vlog they publish on youtube, and through advertising and various other things, have come to a place where they have quit their day-jobs and film their life for a living. How surreal, but fascinating! Whether or not I could do it I just don't know. In honesty, I wonder whether I would have much to say at all in one video, let alone a daily video, but I do find some of them brilliantly engaging, through the mundane simplicity of sharing their life with the world. I'd also be interested to know about any pressure it puts on the family. There are a couple that I regularly watch currently and enjoy, and I know there are many more around, but if you have a spare 15 minutes, then why not try one of these out and see what you think…


The SacconeJoly's – an Irish couple currently living in London, a couple of young children and seemingly tons of dogs.


Sam and Nia – the 'good looking parents' from Texas who made that Frozen lip-sync video in their car are now vlogging daily. They are Christians too which is great to see.

What do you think about this idea of daily vlogging? A waste of their time making the videos and our time watching them? Or a fascinating gaze into the lives of others, and a modern way to make home videos of your family for the future? Do you have any other suggestions of vlogs I could watch?

Anyway, happy procrastinating!



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