7 Great stories from our School Days.

Here are 7 of the great stories from your school days – we remember certain people for the most random reasons (names changed for dignity's sake, but all these stories are real)…

1. Do you remember Darren Kimbers who would pick out his own headlice and crush them on the table?

2. Do you remember when Katie Witchet flushed William Evans' glove down the toilet and the whole school had to have an assembly about it?

3. I remember when Daniel Samford poo'ed in a urinal and everyone had to go to the juniors to go to the toilet.

4. Remember when Emily Vessell-Whittaker used to throw up everytime she ate a corned beef sandwich, and one day when she did it in the dining hall, it went all over Eric Sandel's jumper?

5. Remember that day after P.E when George Lambkin found a pair of pants on the floor, and so someone was going commando and we all knew it was Mark Halten but he didn't admit it and then after lunch he cried?

6. Remember that time Gemma Medcot put her pooey pants in Michelle's bag and she found them when she got her lunch out?

7. Remember when Jonathan Labina set fire to the swimming pool, burnt it down and then came into school and told everyone?

Those were the days eh? Any more stories to add to the list are greatly appreciated, comment below with your memories!




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