6 Things To Do When You Lose Momentum

Ouch. You know when you take a visit to your own blog and realise that it's been quite a while since you lasted published any blogs. That just happened to me. I lost momentum. I'm sure you've lost momentum at something in your life at somepoint. We all do. It's how we recover and get going again that is the important thing. So how can we get going again? I've been pondering and acting on this whilst on holiday last week, and below are 6 things to do when you lose momentum.

1. Take a look at your purpose. Why did you start doing the thing that lost momentum in the first place? Is it the right motive? I asked the question 'why am I writing online?' 'Whats my reasoning for spending time writing rather than sleeping in longer in the morning, or playing a couple of games of fifa?' When you can genuinely reflect on your motives that may shed some light as to whether you should carry on or not. Are your motives in the right place to actually sustain you for the future development of the project?

2. Take a look at the cause? What has caused the drop in momentum? Something practical that happened, an event that took place or circumstance that has caused this break in momentum? Or maybe something emotional? For me, I realised after thinking it through, that an event entirely unrelated to my blog happened, at which I was left feeling under qualified to write I felt incompetent in various areas of life so I stopped writing, and I felt exposed and didn't want to exposed myself further by the people criticising my writing. It was an emotional cause that stopped me in my tracks – what's caused your slowing or stopping of momentum?

3. Take a look at your tactics. Have you over promised and under delivered? Did you promise yourself to write a blog entry everyday and ultimately only 1 a week is viable? Did you tell yourself to apply for any job over a certain salary, only to find that there's no way you'd actually want half of the jobs, so you end up stopping applying altogether. Did you declare to the world that you would exercise for 1 hour everyday and only eat fruit and vegetables, which just didn't happen? Maybe your tactics could be altered going forward, simplify your tactics maybe strip them back to something more manageable.

4. What do other people think? It can be scary asking advice from others, but to be honest it's kind of necessary. Actually, I also find another way to ask others is to read others' thoughts. There is simply so much content online to learn from and hear from. Who are the people you trust, honour, respect and get inspiration from? Speak with them, learn from them and soak up what you can, whether through their blogs or face to face.

5. What's the impact on you emotionally? How do you feel about this loss of momentum? Annoyed? Disappointed? Angry with yourself or others? Isolated? Dejected? Maybe even relieved, or more relaxed, or maybe you feel nothing at all about it. How you feel about this loss of momentum says a lot about your thoughts and feelings towards the project or goal you are heading towards. Maybe it's not what you wanted to do anyway? Maybe it's more or less important to you than you originally thought? Similarly, how do you feel when you had momentum in the project? I love writing, whether in my journal or on this blog, I enjoyed and still do enjoy the hard work of crafting stuff together. But maybe you felt pressure when you had momentum, maybe it exhausted you, maybe it stressed you out? Is that what you really want to head back into? Keep reflecting and see what your feelings are saying.

6. Get back on the horse. For me, after a few weeks of not writing, I know that I want to keep doing it. I'm still figuring out if I actually have anything of purpose to say, but until I learn that I'm going to keep writing because I enjoy it! As I sit now writing this in a car service waiting area, I can feel the joy of writing again, and I know it's good for me to get back on the horse. Get moving once again. Stick that exercise video back on once again, get your easel out once more and just start painting something, apply for another job that looks satisfying and closer to your dream. Just get moving once again.

I'm sure there are plenty more things to think through and work through when you looking to get a project or goal moving again, leave a comment below with your thoughts and ideas to add to the list!




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