Talk about your idea

At some point along your journey of seeing something you'd like to do or achieve come a reality, you'll need to talk about it with someone else.

I hate that moment. It's a moment of reality. It's one of those gates you need to get through, and you're not sure if its locked or open-able until you reach it. Because when you start telling someone about it, the doors of questions are opened.

People ask questions. It's annoying isn't it? Particularly if they are interested in what you're doing. In honesty, we often think of questions as the things that come from the 'haters' or 'naysayers'. But more and more I am realising that we need question askers in our lives. It sounds stupid, to say it, but I hate receiving questions, as a bit of my nature responds with an internal shout of “don't you think I'm good enough?! Don't you think I haven't thought about that?! What do a YOU know anyway?!“. I get defensive, when really I need to get over myself and answer them like a real man.

Questions mean details, details that maybe you have thought about but ignored so far, or details that you hadn't considered and mean that here are holes in your idea that need filling. But they are important. If you don't ask questions at the early stages, you'll have to face them later, when it may be too late, as you've put too much money into it, or it's passed the deadline, or the opportunity has left.

Questions now save a lot of time later. So get telling someone about your idea, and do your utmost to not get defensive, but be ready to listen, learn, and get your details hat on.



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