The Day Inbetween.

It's the day after Good Friday and before Easter Day. The day inbetween. I wonder what it must have felt like being one of the disciples and followers of Jesus' on the day inbetween.

Unsure. Rejected. Uncertain. Remaining. Alone. Fearful. Worried. Anxious. Shock. Exhausting. Puzzled. Angry. The Unknown. Nauseating. Isolated. You would have felt all kinds of things.

You've just given years of your life to a guy who has given so much hope to you and so many more, only for him to be arrested and executed. You thought he was the answer. You thought he was going to change everything. You thought life was going to be different. You thought he was going to rescue you and your people. And now he's been executed. Before he died he even said 'it is finished'.

I feel like that in my life today sometimes. I thought God is supposed to help me here? I thought he says that he will never leave or forsake me? I thought he loves me, so why am I being thrown around in this storm? Why do I feel stuck in this rut? Why aren't I seeing change in my life? Why aren't my finances improving? Why do I still have these problems with my children? Why can I still not find a job? Why is my marriage still failing? I thought things would change. I thought life was going to be different.

You know what? It is finished. This is the day inbetween. And tomorrow is coming. And we know what happens tomorrow…



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