David Cameron & Christianity

I'm not usually one for writing entries about politics, but just thought I would this I time round. This isn't a statement about where I vote, or anything like that. It is just some thoughts.

A couple of days ago (9th April '14) the prime minister had an Easter Reception at 10 Downing Street. In his speech he raised a few points that I thought I'd share some very brief reflections on. You can read the full transcripts of the speech on the government website. In summary, I'm very aware that the first thing many may do is speak against the Prime Minister – sharing how they disagree with or don't believe what he is saying. But let's try to think the best of people shall we? Even if we do tend to usually disagree with them.

“…proud to be a Christian myself” – when I read this, the first thing that popped in my head was 'is he? I'm not sure, he probably isn't really' Then I decided to change my thinking and believe somebody at their word. And anyway, I'm not the one who decides who is in a relationship with the creator of the universe and who isn't. God is. Thankfully.

Jesus invented the Big Society 2000 years ago, I just want to see more of it and encourage as much of it as possible.” – Great to hear this. It was Jesus who just on with it and got his hands dirty, serving those in need, making things happen. And to be fair, every generation needs some reminding encouraging in some of the things Jesus said and did don't we?

our religion is now the most persecuted religion around the world.”– fascinating to hear somebody say this out loud. I've just finished reading 'Captive In Iran', a book about 2 Iranian women arrested and imprisoned for nearly a year for being Christian. I'll write a little more about it more in a separate post. We have it reasonably easy from a state point of view, but very aware that across the world that is far from the case, and am glad it was said in a forum like this.

when I think of the challenges which our churches (and) political institutions face…. I see a lot of similarities. We both sometimes can get wrapped up in bureaucracy.” – we could deny this point, but wherever our local churches may be on the scale of beauraucracy, let's be focused on keeping the main thing the main thing and pursuing the mission we are called to! David Cameron mentioned that “what we both need more of is evangelism“, this focus on what we are hear to do – see lives changed, and people transformed.

What do you think? I know some would disagree and say that this guy is lying just to win some more votes. Personally however, life has been so much better when I trust people, thinking the best of them that they do speak the truth, they do share what is actually on their hearts, they do want to do good to those around them. Cameron at one point also said “I hope that even when people will disagree and challenge with this idea or that idea, there is a genuine attempt to try to lift people up, rather than count people out.” Fair play mate.



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