People Are Important

I've just discovered a blog/art project called 'Humans of New York'. Brandon Stanton takes pictures of people in New York and posts them on his blog, sometimes with snippets of conversations he's had with them.

There is something wonderful about this simple idea and website. God loves people. And seeing these humans of all types, shapes, sizes and genres reminds me of Gods intense, unncomparable, neverending, untamed passionate love for His creation. Each one of them. With their stories, their lives, their personalities, their dreams and desires.

When us humans may see eccentricity, or awkwardness, or dare I say it – ugliness – God sees beauty, uniqueness, individual and sees how they are created to be. Occasionally I have these moments when I look at people and catch a glimpse of how God sees them, often when I'm on the train, or in a cafe just watching the world go by. I want those moments to be my lifestyle, not just momentary.

His ways and thoughts are are far higher and greater than my ways and my thoughts, that's for sure.

Take just 5 minutes now to flick through Humans of New York and ask God not for a moment of seeing through His eyes, but ask Him for a shift in your mind to live a lifestyle through His eyes.

People are important. Let's remember that.



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