Book Review – Stuff Christians Like

I blogged a while ago about Jon Acuff, a guy I have a mini-man crush on at the moment. He is an American author/comedian/speaker who used to work for some other guy and now does something else, and Heather bought me his book, so I read it.

Jon runs a blog called 'Stuff Christians Like', and it's purpose is through using satire and sarcasm, 'to clear away the clutter of Christianity in order to reveal the beauty of Christ' (stole this from 2 YouTube videos of his where he says it in exactly the same way, he's got his mission statement nailed!). The book of the same name is a collection of blog entries from this website. Here's my mini '4 question & answers' review of it…

1. What's it about? Everything from lifting your hands in worship, to finding a mission-trip-boyfriend. Let's be honest, I know it's published by Zondervan (and therefore MUST be important and deeply spiritual), and I know there are some blog entries with a good solid moral at the end, but I do wonder something. The book is mainly about being funny. That's why I read it so fast, and that's what I love about it. Sure, it does get you thinking about all the clutter and 'gumpf' of Christianity, and keeping the main thing the main thing, but it's mainly funny. That's why I love it.

2. What's the best bit? On so many occasions Heather caught me laughing out loud when I read the book (who lol's at a book?). But there is one particularly memorable chapter that speaks of how we all secretly prefer it when other people say 'yes Lord' rather than just 'yes' in response as we pray out loud, as if it carries more spiritual weight and God prefers that prayer to others. So true.

3. Any tweetable lines? Not really tweetable as it's not snappy enough for the twitterverse, but the entry called 'Using “let me pray about it” as a euphemism for “no”' simply begins “I love when someone asks us to help out at church and instead of saying 'no' we say ' Let me pray about it'. Really?!”. Genius.

4. Should I read it? If you have no sense of humour, please don't as it will annoy you and you'll come away thinking that this Jon Acuff guy is definitely not saved and is definitely going to hell. If you do have a sense of humour (or want one) then yes go for it, you'll love it and it's an educating experience for us Christians in the subtle stupidities of Christian culture in the West.



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