Frank’s Old Bible

When things are easily accessible and infront of you, you are more likely to use them.

Heather is often amazed at how many electrical kitchen utensils I can use in one session of cooking or baking (yes, I bake, and I watch Great British Bake Off….what about it?!). If I can, I get the electric whisk, the electric knife, the blender stuff the posh cutting implements, all that kind of stuff. My general thinking is, if we have it, we may as well use it.

However, some stuff I don't use. And I realised the other day that it's because it's not within easy reach for me. It's either in a different room, or stored in its box upstairs, or it's still in the attic. Like my old George Foreman grill. Wonderful apparatus, yet not used.

I lived in Bradford for a year with a guy called Frank. He has this huge old bible that he would leave out open on a page in the kitchen table. It was filled with little scribbles, notes, highlights, all sorts. Most mornings I'd come downstairs, see his Bible in easy reach, and find myself reading. Either that or he'd be there and would share a small insight for my day ahead. He was Irish. Whilst the rest of the world in the morning and bleary eyed, he'd be up for chatting. A lot. He was a great guy and I loved living with him.

The simple truth is, because his bible was left accessible, open and easy to get to, in my face, I read it. When stuff is easily accessible and put infront of you, you'll use it, consume it, read it, try it out.

Want to start new habits? Make it easy to find start and pick up. More than that have it somewhere in your face. Want to learn Spanish? Put a CD on in your car, every time that engines starts, the Spanish will kick in. Want to watch less tv and read more? Unplug your tv (so it's to harder to access) and stick a book infront of the screen ready to pick up. Want to read the Bible more? Have it open and ready to read somewhere you go often. Have the Bible on your phone? Good idea as it's then easily accessible, but that isn't in your face enough, you can still ignore 1 of your 50 apps (except Flappy Bird. That haunts us in our sleep).

'Frank's Old Bible' technique seems to work for me most of the time. Hope it works for you too.



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