“Hustle”. Not quite sure what that word means. Trendy Americans and other cool-related people seem to use this word a lot.

To me, Hustle is that British TV programme where con-men would con the bad guys. That was good.

But what does this kind of hustle mean? Busy? ‘Let’s Hustle!’ means ‘Let’s be really busy!‘. No thanks mate.

If Hustle means ‘work hard‘ then I guess I can cope with that. I’m entering a vague initiative called ‘30 days of hustle‘ that I’ve read on another blog. I’m going to get sent daily hustle-related information. Maybe hustle means ‘free chocolate and coffee‘. If that’s the case then sign me up for 365 days of Hustle. Thanks very much.

If any light can be shed upon the word ‘hustle’, that would be greatly appreciated by this socially untrendy, unaware, Brit.


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