Ask Questions

Want people to think you're great? Ask them questions.

It's a duff move to think that if you tell somebody you meet about all the great things yourself, they'll think you're amazing. They won't, they'll think you're a bit talkative at the least, or at worst think you're mega self-centred.

I'm realising more and more that asking questions and finding out about them tends to help to build a friendship than talking. Listening, now that's uber-underrated.

Try it. When you meet someone new, try all you can to ask them questions and listen to them. Let them talk. Try not to speak about yourself so much, but find out about them. You may go away from that conversation knowing tons about them, and they may have heard nothing from you. But, I bet they'd go away from that conversation saying 'that Ben, he's a legend.'

Jesus asked hundreds of questions, and answered no where near as many. If that's not a reason to try it out, well, I don't know what is.



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