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I absolutely love this picture. I’d love to think that one posting of it on a few hundred thousand facebook walls would do the trick…


Something tells me though that it won’t do the trick. It’ll take time, and continuous teaching and learning from each generation to help individuals to develop a mature understanding of how to deal with emotions. But in honesty, this kind of behaviour was around far earlier than social media existed. People have unable to deal appropriately with emotions since emotions began.

Example: Adam & Eve. They did something stupid and feel ashamed, so decide to try to physically hide from an omnipresent and omniscient God. Something tells me that hiding from him won’t work.

We’re all human, we all make mistakes. I get that. So, let’s learn from one another. See somebody else write some severely unhelpful stuff on facebook? See how stupid they look? Learn from them, don’t do it yourself. Lets show and give the best example to one another on how to use social media.

Want to share something tough you’re going through to people (and determined to use social media)? Write a private group message to just the people you trust and actually want to know. That’ll be much better. Then you can be clear, honest, open, vulnerable and you’ll receive far better help. Even better, try the face-to-face thing, (or even phone-to-phone thing).

Trust me.


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