Child of the 90’s – Great Shout

Have you seen this advert yet? Take a look…

I really loved watching this straight away the first time I saw it. As a child of the 90's, I got the jokes. The bumbags, the pogs, the tamagotchis and everything else. (Although let's make it clear, trolls were for girls, and so I didn't have any of them!).

Another reason I like it is because of how specifically aimed at a certain demographic it is. The truth is that whilst the likes of me and people of a similar age to me would love it, there's are a whole bunch of people it wouldn't be as effective for. Some may say that is a bad marketing idea, as it alienates those it doesn't connect to. Personally however I feel it works. By targeting specifically at children of the 90's, I feel included part of the group, I almost get the feeling of being in on the private joke.

That creates a stronger bond with the organisation and the product (in my opinion). I'm no business guru, but I know if you can make people feel included, help them to feel part of things, part of the group, part of the mission, they are more likely to get on board and stay on board.

Whether I'm right or not I don't know, but this Microsoft advert worked with me, and this is coming from an iLover!



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