Use your Imagination

Why is it that we look down at imagination? A we grow older we tend to lean towards the idea that our imagination is something we grow out of and at later stages of life just focus on what's real and what's infront of us rather than what is not real yet, what is possibly ahead of us.

That sounds boring and unhelpful to me. If we want to do and achieve and create new things, we need to use our imagination to see these things in our minds first, otherwise we may not attempt anything new or unknown.

I love . They take drawings from children and create real soft toys from them. Who says that the imagination and creations from children are somehow a lower form of ideation and creation than adults? Child's Own Studio proves that some of the drawings from the depths of a child's imagination are actually pretty quality! Have a look, they are pretty great.

Let's reclaim our imaginations and come up with some epic pictures. What others say look stupid or unrealistic, may be the brand new toy, vision or adventure that gets created or experienced.



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