Jon Acuff Appreciation Society

Recently I've been inspired to write more blog entries, for a couple of reasons. 1st reason being the fact that it's January and I often get this inspiration at the beginning of the year (lets see if I actually follow it through later in the year). And 2nd is because of Mr Jon Acuff. He a great blogger, author and speaker. Visit his sites at and Here are 5 reasons I enjoying reading his blog, and think you should too…


1. He doesn't just blog pointless stuff. I like blog entries that get me to think, ponder, wonder and are subjects that I find myself thinking about hours later. Funny and less important blogs are great, but I like a bit of purpose, and the Spiritual aspect too.


2. He doesn't just blog Christian stuff. There aren't many blogs written by Christian guys that don't just stick to Theology and Leadership. I love a good Theological debate and it love hearing leadership and lifestyle stuff but sometimes I do just need a random photo of a sloth on a sofa or a burger that looks like Winston Churchill. Mixture is good 🙂


3. It's not plug city. I'm sure there is tons this guy could plug and advertise to us. He's an author and speaker and probably has a lot of material he could try to sell to us. But he doesn't. He seems to write blogs because he likes writing blogs. A great place to come from.


4. I feel like I know him. Not in a creepy stalker kind of way (although I do follow his blog, twitter and Instagram….maybe I am a stalker?!) . But he does seem to give part of himself away as he writes and shares, and seems to welcome his audience into his life a bit. That's what I like reading about (and I expect many others do too). A good communicator doesn't just share of things disconnected to themself, but they realise that a reader or listener reads or hears the person, not just the words they are sharing. Jon does this brilliantly, and I'm pretty appreciative of that!


5. He's American. I know America isn't perfect. After all we have Benedict Cumberbatch and Cadbury's here in the UK. But America has an array of really cool accents and…..well…..pretty much everything else. They out-cool us Brits by a long way.


6. He's funny, so I can steal his jokes. Please don't tell him I said that.


So thanks Jon, I want you to know that I think you are quality. Keep inspiring me and making me laugh, you do a great job!



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