Colour Coded Bookshelves

OK OK! It seems the rest of the world is shifting and moving into a place where colour coded bookshelves are accepted in day to day life. I have resisted, giggled when my wife did it, was in shock when others pointed out how great it looked when they came round our house, and now I’m speechless when I keep seeing colour coded bookshelves popping up all over the net like its the new pogs or yo-yo’s.

Unanswered Questions include:

“But what if you don’t know what the colour of the book is!?”

“What if you’re colour-blind!?”

“What about the colour scheme of the rest of the room?!”

“Should I now buy books dependent on the colour of their spine?

So many questions!


Fine. I give in. I’ll try and visualise what my books look like when I want to find one now rather than think of the surname.

And it does look pretty good!


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