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ImageThe other day I met with a guy who I’d never spent time with before. We sat having coffee together, chatting about how he is looking to join Kerith Community Church, and particularly join us on our adventure in Sandhurst with our new multi-site. It was a great time meeting with a guy who has a fantastic impact in overseas aid and mission.

Anyway, in the middle of our time together, he tried to remember something he had recently read but couldn’t remember the details. Usually when I’m in that situation, I just either give up and say ‘oh never mind’ or try and muddle together what vague memories I have of that apparently important information that I thought I would never forget! However, this guy pulls out a book and reads some notes he took, dated just a few days previous he was able to tell me exactly what he thought, and what he had learned from this book.

That simple act reminded me about the importance of note-taking, journaling, writing stuff down, logging our lives in order to help us learn, develop and dwell on what is going on in our lives!

This man had a simple notebook, and as I peered over his notes, I noticed that these notes were dated, and I saw that he would daily update this notebook with something. Sometimes with pages, other times with a mere sentence or two. However long, clearly he sees the value of writing things down, and acts on all the huge benefits to journaling and keeping note of all the things we experience in day to day life.

Heather also does a form of this at the moment in a book I gave her for her birthday. A simple question she answers everyday in order to help us process our days and ponder our experiences. It’s a great idea. There are so many benefits to writing in a journal. I do it also whenever I remember to – I love doing it, and definitely feel the benefits when I do.

I encourage you to do the same. Start with any old notebook. Write today’s date and then answer these questions ‘What was a key moment of my day? Why? How do I feel about that?‘. SImple eh?

Just a line or a sentence. That’s all it needs. Give it a try and tell me about the benefits.


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