Driveways & Perspective…

Last Saturday Heather and I, as well as our parents were round for a ‘gardening working party’. In our road there is nowhere to park cars, the houses were built at a time when there weren’t many cars around, so not many houses had garages or driveways next to them or in front of them.

However, now in 2013, there are cars everywhere. I almost break out in a sweat on my way to our road considering the night are possibility that we might need to park our car longer than a 20 second walk away from our front door, oh the horror.

So anyway, we’ve decided to build a driveway in front of our house to park our car. The council will be coming round to get the nearby curb lowered so a car can drive up, and we dug up our hedge and a load of plants to make space.

For some reason, I am now looking at this half made driveway and am excited! The thought that I can park my car off the road fills me with happiness!

Just 2 years ago I would not have cared in the slightest about a driveway, and would never have imagined myself ever having interest in it. 2 years ago things that made me happy then were so different to now. As we go through life, our opinions, attitudes, behaviours, priorities change drastically.

Sometimes I look back and think “why did I think that such a big deal?!” , the desperate search for a girlfriend, the need to have particular clothes or particular albums in my music collection, the continuous politics of who to speak to and who not to. And the thing is, I know in quite recent future times, I won’t care that much about our driveway. Oh the irony.

Our priorities through out lives can be all over the place if we are honest. Yes, I know I have the benefit of hindsight now, and looking back is easier to analyse things, wah wah wah.

Lets be brave, lets be bold, lets take the time and truly begin to explore the priorities in our lives, and lets help ourselves get some perspective.

Some stuff we think is important, quite simply isn’t a big deal at all. Lets get over it.


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