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I think too much about social media. I don’t mean just thinking about organisations (I’m not some anomaly who wakes up at night dreaming about LinkedIn and how they deal with their finances), but I think a lot about what I tweet, and what I don’t tweet. You know, my ‘online presence’.

In fact, I often have internal conversations and debates with myself about my motives for tweeting, blogging, facebooking, instagramming and all that jazz.  I came to the following conclusion today:

I spend more time thinking about tweeting something than I actually spend tweeting it. Ouch, that’s sad.

tweet image

And I have a sneaky suspicion I’m not the only one. So I’ve come up with a few basic things to tell myself, and maybe you could tell the same things to yourself.

1. Stop trying to tweet or instagram your not actually perfect life. Tweet some stuff, and don’t tweet other stuff. Don’t stress about it so much. Don’t live the “online-perfect-life”, or the “online-moaning-life”, live REAL life.

2. Your life is not what you post. Your life is what you do when you’re not doing posting stuff. Don’t get them mixed up.

3. What other people tweet is not their life either. They are probably thinking the same things you’re thinking about social media posting, so chill out.

4. Enjoy social media. (Tweet videos of people receiving puppies for Christmas, and funny signs you see around you – I love those).

tweet tweet 🙂


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