Our Default Settings – Part 2

So, a Default Setting in our lives as:

“a pattern of thought of behaviour that Jesus calls us from”

But, as I mentioned in my previous post, there are times when we do go back to our Default Settings, living independently of God, thinking and behaving in a way that we naturally fall into, purposely or by way of habit. How does Jesus react to us when this happens? In John 21 we see how Peter reacts when he is faced with the question of ‘What Next?’ in his life.

It’s often the ‘What Next?’ time of our lives that we are most at danger of falling back into our Default Setting. And in the case of Peter, when he went fishing, he was returning to his Default Setting. How does Jesus react to Peter?

1. Jesus stood at the side of the shore, saw the disciples fishing. And the first thing he said to Peter wasFriends. His first reaction to Peter was that of love. He showed love and grace to Peter.

Jesus has LOVE and GRACE for you today. 

When you are in your Default Setting, Jesus does not condemn you. Before anything, he LOVES you and calls you FRIEND. He refuses to leave you. His love for you is utterly relentless, whether we are following Him or not.

2. Secondly Jesus asks Peter ‘haven’t you any fish?’. Jesus is standing at the shore, he can see the empty nets, he can see the sad look on the disciples faces, he is fully God so knows everything(!). Therefore, he knows full well that they haven’t caught any fish! Really, Jesus was asking the question ‘How is that working out for you?’. With love and grace Jesus asks the disciples how life in their Default Setting is going for them? His love for them is so much, he doesn’t want them to stay in their Default Setting, and faces them with a question to cause them to move on, to cause them to think, to cause them to change.

They weren’t catching any fish. It wasn’t working out too well for them.

“How is that working out for you?”

Jesus asks us the same question. How is that working out for you living in  your Default Setting? How is your Default Setting of explosive anger working out in your relationships with your family, friends and work colleagues? How is your impulse buying and ‘retail therapy’ working out for your finances? Jesus loves us too much to let us stay in the way we live. He wants the best for us.

3.Thirdly, after Peter sees it is Jesus at the side of the shore, he jumps into the water and swims after Him. Jesus gathers the disciples and they eat together. Jesus then asks Peter 3 times whether he loves Him. Then finally the restoration of Peter is complete in this story as Jesus echoes the question & command he asked of him 3 years ago… ‘Follow Me.’ Not only does Jesus want the best for us. He knows the best for us, and that is to follow Him.

“Follow Me”

Whether you have decided to follow Christ once or one hundred times before, Jesus offers us the hand again. He offers us the opportunity to turn our back on our Default Settings and follow Him again. Choose to follow Him today. Make that decision everyday. Choose to recognise Jesus is calling you back, Jump in the water, and swim after him.

Following Jesus isn’t always easy, but it is always best.


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