For longer than I’d like to admit, my wife and I have wanted to write a book about relationships. It’s not just been us that’s wanted to write one, but various people have asked us about doing it too. The thing is, there are already plenty of books out there about dating and relationships. Talking about the idea of how to lead a strong, Godly relationship, books about preparing for marriage, as well as books debating whether or not dating is a good idea at all!

Throughout the 6 years that Heather and I have been ‘going out’, we’ve been asked various questions about relationships from different people, as well as experiencing and helping people through various relationship situations. In no way do Heather and I think we are the best people to share advice about relationships, but we do love sharing our thoughts and advice when people ask for it.

So, in beginning to write some kind of book speaking into the huge world of relationships, dating, ‘going out’ (whatever you want to call it!), we thought we’d think about the questions, and issues that are common that we have experienced in our own relationship, and issues we have helped others through. Here are some of the more common things we come across:

  • How do I lead a God-centred relationship?
  • I’m a Christian and fancy somebody who isn’t. What do I do?
  • I’ve just been dumped. Help!
  • There are no decent Christian guys/girls around. Advice please!
  • How I stand against sexual temptation?
  • How far is ‘too far’?
  • Should I only ‘go out’ with someone if I know I will marry them?
  • My mate is going out with a psycho/weirdo/’interesting’ character. What can I do to help?
  • How does the guy/girl roles play out in real life? Who wears the trousers? Should anyone be ‘in charge’?

There are plenty more questions and scenarios that we’ve come across. I figured that for the meantime, I’ll use this blog to write some thoughts and advice about relationships, a lot of it coming from mine and Heather’s  experience through our relationship. We’ve done some things right, and some things wrong, and these blogs may well be the beginning of what could end up in some kind of dating book that we’ll write.

Any thoughts, ideas of subjects or questions are more than welcome!


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