A Better version of ‘usual’.

On 29th April at 9am, I set off with another 1000 runners on my 3rd Bracknell Half Marathon. I enjoy it as I know the area really well, and it’s small enough to see plenty of people you know in the crowds without missing them as you run past which can happen in the larger races.

With about 4 miles to go, my left leg started hurting. Refusing to stop, I continued and finished the race very slowly, practically walked over the line (which was pretty embarrassing!), but I was glad I finished. For the next 2 weeks I couldn’t stand on my left left. I had torn one of my calf muscles, so hobbled on crutches for a short time.

Nearly 2 months later and I can walk fine now (with an occasional limp), and although it does have a dull ache continuously, I often forget about it and carry on as ‘usual’. But ‘usual’ isn’t usual at the moment, as I can’t run. I sometimes try a little faster skipping style of running, until a couple of steps in and the pain comes in full-whack again. So, really it’s not ‘usual’ at all. I’m living a lesser-version of ‘usual’, and often forget what I was able to do originally, and just put up with what I can do now.

It got me thinking. I wonder how many of us are living our lives with emotional, relational and/or spiritual wounds and injuries. How many of us are so used to them that we don’t do anything about them. We just ‘put up’ with them. We carry on with life as ‘usual’, forgetting that we are hampered, held back from a much better version of ‘usual’ that God has in store for us, and promised us when he said that he came so we can have life in all its fullness.

I keep going to the Physio at the moment, determined for it to get fully better, so I can run again soon. Keep calling to God and do all you can to see these injuries and wounds gone whatever they may be for you. Whether you need to build that relational bridge, refuse to be bitter about that person, don’t allow anxiety become a way of life. These things are lesser forms of ‘usual’, God wants a far higher standard of ‘usual’ in your life.

Just for your pure amusement, thought I’d chuck in this dreadful photo of me finishing on 29th April. Ah well, at least its proof I did it!


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