Make Every Bird Count

I realise I am years behind many, but I have recently got a new phone on which I am able to play this game that has consumed all phone-gamers….. Angry Birds.
The idea is simple, you catapult a load of birds toward some green pigs, attempting to knock them all and get a load of points. the early levels are simple: You are given plenty of birds and only need to hit 1 or 2 pigs in order to complete it. However, as the levels go on, it gets harder. There are less birds to fling, more pigs to eradicate and more obstacles to get the birds over or through. In these later levels, every bird counts. You need to use every bird in your arsenal in order to defeat every pig. What’s more, each bird needs to be flung in the right way in order to smash down the obstacles, and take out every pig. It’s really tough, and can be really annoying, but is always addictive, and of course is pretty mindless, but we’ve all got to relax some way!

However, recently a game of angry birds wasn’t mindless for me. It got me thinking. In the same ways that in the later levels every bird counts, the same concept is applicable to us. Every Bird Counts.

We don’t go around flinging birds at green pigs, but we have other obstacles to break down. We have other things in life to build up. Every bird to fling in Angry Bird can represent an opportunity we have in our lives. We have our character to build up. And if we want to get the most we can out of our 80 or so years on this earth, lets make every opportunity count, each day, each action, and each conversation. In Psalm 39:1 David declares that he will be careful that what he speaks about is holy and blameless. Lets do the same. Lets declare that with each conversation we are in, we make them count. Lets speak life into situations, speak encouragement, speak peace and joy into people’s lives.

One moment where we get angry for no reason, where we put people down, where we slag somebody off can set us back, can prevent us from fully being who God has called us to be. I know I’m guilty of not making conversations count. Of wasting opportunitites to encourage somebody and instead being full of gossip or a ‘moaning’ attitude. But now I want to make every moment count, making every conversation I’m in count. For myself, and for others.

We’re only going to get a certain amount of birds to fling in our lives, so

lets make every bird count.

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