Hoovering Problems

I generally love living. I quite enjoy all the different things that make up life. Except Cleaning. Mondays are my cleaning day. Well to be honest, its more of a cleaning morning but half a day of cleaning is plenty for me.

Hoovering isn’t actually too bad when it comes to cleaning jobs. Simply pushing the sucking-tube backwards and forwards over the carpet is simple, straightforward and you see instant results. In fact, most dry spillages are solved with a quick once over with a hoover. We’ve all been guilty of hoovering over anything and everything, particularly those things that are slightly too big, or not really made for a hoover. Those kind of things are annoying, but its so much easier to run the hoover over them instead of doing the slightly harder task of picking it up by hand. Well it’s easier most of the time.

Except when that ‘thing’ won’t fit up the hoover.

Sometimes we run the hoover over the same ‘thing’ on the floor again and again and again, determined not to pick it up by hand, but telling ourselves that the hoover will pick it up, even when we know that the poor Henry or Dyson doesn’t stand a chance.

Problems arrive all the time. We learn to expect them, and deal with them when they arise. However, lets remember that not all problems can be solved the same way, the easy way. Some problems will just need a ‘quick once over’, other problems require something different, Sometimes issues may take harder work in order for them to be solved. Some issues may take longer to resolve. However, if we try to solve all different problems in the same way we won’t get anywhere. Whether they be relational, practical, emotional, home-related or work related, different problems require different ways of dealing with them.

Maybe you would call yourself a ‘people person’, maybe a ‘task focused person’, maybe somebody who is heavily influenced by how your decisions will effect other people, and led by other people’s opinions. Or maybe you base your decisions on logic, facts, or passed successes. Lets realise that we cannot live in one of these camps alone. There will be times when we need to use logic and facts based decisions to solve problems and issues, and other times when we need to hear out and base our decisions on other people, how it will effect them also. Why not try both?

Some problems will need a quick fix solution by just running the hoover over it. Other times we will need to bend down and do some harder work to pick up the problem with our hands. Lets not be afraid to get our hands dirty in order to solve problems, as not everything will fit up that hoover.


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