Leaders & Followers

Just a short entry that for some reason I just feel compelled to write. I felt that I needed to write this down before I forgot it. Who knows if this is a God-thing or not. But, if this is a timely and helpful entry for one person, then I know it’s worth it.

This week the Elders of Kerith Community Church are spending 4 days together. They have spent 2 days hearing from Ministry Leaders at the ‘ministry review days’, and they will then spend 2 further days discussing, praying into and considering the next moves for us as a church.

I spent sometime with them yesterday speaking about the bits of ministry that I lead. It was a great time to hear their advice, thoughts, answer questions and generally remember and know that I am led by some excellent people of God.

Reflecting on that time today has made me continually realise the importance of leaders. It is often said that an organisation can rise or fall on leadership. Great leaders will take an organisation/community/church to great places. Bad leadership will take an organisation/community/church to bad places. We have a fantastic group of 6 guys who are leading us, who are great leaders because ultimately, they are servants, serving us as a church, and more importantly serving God.

So what about us as leaders and followers? Well, there’s a simple rule.

If you want to be a great leader, you first need to be a great follower.

If you cannot be led, you will not end up being a great leader. Trust me. Jesus came to serve, not be served, and was the greatest leader that has ever lived. Being led is not always easy, but it is essential. Humble yourself, let yourself be led, corrected, directed, rebuked by your leaders. Pride can ruin us if we let awful attitudes towards leaders set in. Be a servant. Keep an eye on yourself regularly, and ‘do a David’ by asking God to search your heart for any attitudes that need to change.

So, as God searches your heart, what’s He finding?

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