Season Spotting

We all go through seasons in life. Seasons where everything is rosey and splendid, and times when life just downright is terrible. Sometimes because of outside circumstance, and other times we only have ourselves to congratulate or blame.

That’s life. Stuff happens.

Surprise surprise, the Bible is yet again awesome and relevant and talks about this(!), so read it.

The question ‘how you doing with God?’ has almost become a cliched joke with some as it’s the ‘standard Christian question’, but lets get back to basics and ask ourselves: What season are you in now? How is life going? How is your relationship with God? How does life compare with last week? Last month? Last year? Are you closer to God than you were 2 weeks ago or further away?

Are those questions easy to answer honestly for yourself? Be aware of the season you are in, trust me, it will help you to either move on from that season or appreciate the season you are in.

I’m sure we all know those people that stay suffering or living under the same hassles, the same problems, the same scenarios for far too long. Whether they are plagued by an inability to forgive others, or maybe they just do not seem to move on from a bad experience or bad circumstances. Rather than taking steps to move onto the next season, they seem stuck in the rut of the same season, week in week out, month in month out, maybe year in year out, consumed by their own emotions and reactions to the circumstance.

Seasons are impossible to categorise. Some are long, some are short, some last weeks, months, years even decades sometimes. Lets be sensitive to others in their seasons. We cannot force anybody to ‘get over it‘, (although a lot of the time I’d love to say that!). However, when people allow a season to engulf them, it can seriously prevent them from growing and moving forward in their life. In fact, it can shrink them. They can become weaker, emotionally, spiritually and at times physically too.

Don’t let your seasons engulf or consume you. If we can not just experience seasons, but have an awareness of the season we are in, automatically we have a foothold to hold us strong throughout it. Please hear me right. There are a great deal of people I know who are just going through awful times, whether it is illness, relational problems, spiritual crossroads, financial difficulties, all sorts of things far greater that I have been through in my life. It is not easy or straight forward coping in these situations. We shouldn’t have an attitude that says ‘get over it and move on’, but lets be sure of the hope that we have because of Jesus, and keep close to Him.

  • In a season of great blessings? Enjoy the time, make the most of each moment, be thankful to God for it!
  • In a season that is tough? Be aware of your emotions, don’t let them rule. Now is the time for you to dig in, stay firm in Christ. Still be thankful to Him for what he has given you.

As we are aware of the season we are in, and aware of the emotions and feelings we have, it will help us ride the wave of that season, and come through it not surviving, but thriving.

Jesus was aware of his emotions. Just before he was arrested, he told his disciples that his soul was overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death. He was aware of the emotions he was experiencing, which he shared with others, and helped him to take on the huge task of dying for you. That’s what I call knowing what season your in!


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