End of 2010 thoughts

Some things you decide to do end up being completed. Others don’t. Publishing regular blog posts still elude me, and my nails remain less than a millimetre long before they end up getting munched off.

However, a couple of years ago, I was led through an exercise with 50 people in writing goals, ideas, thoughts and dreams for my future. This included personal dreams, career ambitions, adventures to go on, as well as the contributions I want to make to the world. Alongside these goals (some of which ridiculously audacious), were a timeframe of when I wanted them to happen by. The times ranged from 40 years, to some goals being achievable from now. Then I wrote steps as to how these goals can be achieved. Heather and I have done the exercise together a few times since then, we call it our ‘Owen Crane List’!

I found the original list a couple of days ago. Wonderfully, many of these audacious goals, dreams, ambitions, ideas now seem a lot closer, with some of them coming into reality already:

  1. The opportunity to be able to work full-time at Kerith Community Church is one of those dreams that has come a reality for me, and the opportunities I’ve had to serve in areas that I love and enjoy, what a privilege! I’m so thankful to God who has always known that this is where I’d be right now.
  2. The fact that in 8 months time I will be getting
    married to Heather is such an amazing gift from Him. I propsed in June, and know that we will be starting a great adventure together that will last the rest of our lives, so exciting! She is an amazing lady, I’m so grateful to God. I’m so thankful each day for all the joy, smiles, laughter, wisdom, guidance, support, help, fun and so much more that she brings into my life.
  3. I’m also so thankful to be healthy, to have great friends and family around me.

God is a great God who answers prayers, who hears our cries, who knows our dreams, goals and ambitions. We know God is in charge. He has a greater plan for our lives than we will ever know and want.

Lets make goals though, lets have big dreams, lets be ambitious , lets plan to take steps to see our dreams come reality. I don’t like the thought of New Years Resolutions – as if we have one time each year to make a new start, to make a change in our lives. We have this opportunity daily, so lets take it.

2011 is going to rock, can’t wait.


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