*WARNING* This Blog Entry may appear like a Rant!

There are some things that I no longer care for/enjoy/partake in:

  • Sticky Floored Bars
  • Clubs with women who are in desperate need of love and attention wearing awful clothes that reveal far too much of mostly fatty flesh. It’s a shame
  • Clubs containing men looking “cool” (apparently), leaning on bannisters generally staring at women whilst drinking a so-called manly alcoholic drink. They are generally deeply insecure yet so afraid to reveal it to anybody. I feel incredibly sorry for them.
  • Club Toilets that have not been cleaned in months, and you know 100% that there won’t be toilet paper. That’s just a general dislike of mine!
  • Trying to impress these men dressed in black outside clubs in order to get inside the place just a few minutes earlier, as they let you know your social status purely by the way they look at you.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think clubs are ‘wrong’. I just think there are very few things that I enjoy about them!

I’m not sure whether it is the fact that I am considered old by most clubbers now, or whether my relationship with God is better now and so I am more away of the ‘not so holy’ aspects of clubs, or whether I am more secure in myself now so will more readily give my opinion on these things. I don’t know, probably a mixture of all of these things.

One thing I do know. We are not called to be of this world. Called has called us out of this world (John 15:19) to a life that is much more exciting, fulfilling, satisfying, challenging, adventurous and thrilling. This doesn’t mean that we should be some odd creatures that don’t relate to anybody here. It means that we should not feel bound and stuck to the mundane rubbish that others seems to be sucked into. Please hear me right, I don’t think clubbing itself is wrong or bad. But I do think there are far better things to do on this awesome planet we live on.

Also, far too many times in my life I see people waste a good 3 or 4 years of their life in clubs. Their weeks revolve around that one epic night each week where they go to their favourite cattle market, spend the majority of their wages and spend the rest of the week recovering and reliving the same stories week in week out to the same people again and again. Which, to be honest, gets boring.

God has a much better idea for our lives. He has a plan that is exciting, that is adventurous, that is prosperous, that is challenging, yet so satisfying. Lets stop settling for this ‘living for the weekend‘ mentality, and embrace what God has in store for us.


One thought on “*WARNING* This Blog Entry may appear like a Rant!

  1. The thing about clubs is that the music is so loud you can't speak to anyone. I only once went to a club and that was enough for me. Even so, I love trance music and I had a good dance on the podium.I think I'd rather be larging it at Kerith.

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