Learning New Things

Well it’s been roughly a month since the last entry, so thought it’s about time for another, and a bit of a catch up. September has truly kicked in now and I’ve started a new job at my church.

My new role at church includes running the Kerith Academy (our Year long training programme), as well as being the PA to Ben Davies , the previous Senior Pastor of my church and now the Ambassador for Kerith. He now spends a lot of time training other church leaders around the World, and training leaders of our own church. I love it already. I have felt called to full-time ministry in church for a while, yet I did not think it would come so soon, I was ready for the wait, but God had other plans clearly, and I am so grateful!

A lot of my time and focus is beginning to be leading others; Leading small groups, leading serving teams, leading sessions at the Kerith Academy , leading the Young Adults Ministry. As time goes on I realise the huge responsibility that means, but also, the huge privilege it is. I’d love to continue to use this blog as a place to share what I am learning along the way, through study, through experience and through hearing from God.

It’s so important to continually be a learner. No matter what ‘position’ or ‘status’ you have, always remain a learner. No matter how old you are, what grades you have achieved, ALWAYS remain a learner. I heard somewhere that as a leader, it is great practice to always be ready to learn something and write it down, and be ready to take inspiration from all sorts of places and situations. I’ve been trying it out, and it’s working. I’m finding that as I watch one of my nephews/niece play, or see how people interact in the shopping centre, or experience situations and circumstances in my own life; I am finding that I can learn from it. Lessons can be learned from many places and situations if you have tune your eyes and ears to it. I’m being reminded of teaching from the Bible as I see scenarios play out in my life, and I’m learning from them.

For me my Blackberry Memo Pad works a treat, it’s always on me, ready to have stuff written down on it. What would work for you? A mini notepad? A day-planner? Dictaphone? Whatever would work for you, get some kind of note taking device. Lets not trust ourselves to remember moments of inspiration, because -if you’re anything like me- 30mins later we won’t!


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