God’s goodness in the middle of tragedy.

I couldn’t possibly start to write a blog about Angharad Clague. Since her awful and tragic death on Wednesday 14th July, hundreds (and probably thousands) have been praying for her family and others involved in the crash, mourning the loss of an amazing friend, daughter, woman of God, children’s worker, youth worker, leader and so much more to so many people. To me she was a good friend who I admired so much. She was so positive yet genuine, fun, happy, a laugh (her banter was better than most guy’s banter, and that means a lot!), and she will be deeply missed.

I have read so many fantastic blogs and comments all over the internet the last couple of weeks and realised that anything I write, could simply not express to the quality of person Annie was, to the quality of writing she deserves. The other night, Heather and I noticed how high Annie was on our probable wedding guest list, and although she was a great friend to us, some of her best friends (and better writers than I) have written some amazing words, so I’ll direct you to them: Laura Webber-Gant, Ellie Jackson, Sophie Harris. There are others who have also written about her (feel free to comment them and I may stick them here too).

One thing I have been blown away by throughout this whole time is church. Church was God’s idea, has always been on his agenda and Bill Hybels famously says that “the local church is the hope of the world“. My church, Kerith Community Church definately fits into that description. From the moment Annie died, the church have gone into a high gear, supporting, helping, comforting, strengthening, providing, mourning, guiding, serving and focussing all of our attention on the hope we have. Thursday evening, our church held a prayer meeting. The room was packed full of people, who began the evening with a tearful sense of despair, but ended with a united feeling of hope and a positive spirit. Friday evening saw many young people praying for each other, comforting one another, and worshipping God belting out lines declaring that amidst the mourning and sadness, ‘The Lord is my Rock‘. Sunday saw our Senior Pastor Simon Benham give a great preach to church into the situation, encouraging us all and reminding us of the hope we have through Jesus.

This Monday coming sees the Thanksgiving service for Annie, and I’m sure once again the church will come together to remember Annie, and thank God for all she did, and for who she was.

Throughout this awful tragic time, God’s beautiful church has shined through, and at the same time as mourning, I can’t help but look up in awe to see how good God is


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