"Give them something to eat"

So many people’s blog posts begin with the words ‘sorry I haven’t written in a while‘, so I won’t write it…(although I still apologise unofficially!).

I want to use this blog as a space to get down on ‘paper’ (or screen), thoughts, teachings and messages that God gives me. This last weekend I was given a fantastic opportunity to give a 10min ‘minipreach’ at my church (Kerith Community Church). There were 10 speakers in total over the 3 meetings, and everyone did an awesome job. Give them a listen by going through the website! Here are my notes about what I spoke on.

Got a spare 10 minutes?
Give my message a listen here.

Give this a read first, otherwise the rest won’t make sense.

In the same way the disciples give excuses as to why they couldn’t/shouldn’t help the crowds with something to munch on. The two main excuses were that they didn’t have the resources (‘this is a remote place‘) and timing (‘its already getting late‘). Lets be real, we do the same, come up with excuses why we ‘shouldn’t’ or ‘can’t’ help others when we are sometimes asked.

But God calls us to ‘give them something to eat’. It’s costly having compassion on the crowds and individuals do it. It’s costly to help others in many ways; time, effort, energy and money. But this is the awesome adventure we are called to with Christ!

Lets stop responsibility dodging, buck passing and opportunity avoiding. Lets follow in Jesus’ lead, not sending people away, but giving them something to eat.

P.S My awesome lady Heather said I should post some of my doodles on the blog with blog entries, so why not. Enjoy my terrible, yet mildly cute artwork šŸ™‚


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