3. It’s Not About You

and finally…

3. It’s Not About You! (1 Corinthians 12:19-24)

So many of us strive for the ‘top position’, doing all we can to get to that coveted place where everyone will then know us, love us, adore us and appreciate us. We’d be inundated with emails telling us how fantastic that preach was, how the way we led worship was awe inspiring, that the book we wrote was the best book they had ever read. Once we make it to that ‘ministry leader’ position, we feel we have “made it”, we feel we are now worth something, because “people know me”.

Lets get over ourselves shall we?

Pride and selfishness is a real ‘bug-bear’ of mine (is that how you spell it?!). It seeps into so many areas of our lives, in so many ways, any cracks it can see, it seeps through them. It is so easy to see in others, yet often so difficult to see in ourselves (mainly because of the pride!). We have a shallow concern for the needs of others, but ultimately we are thinking of our own interests, our own problems, our own status.

Lets lift our gaze off ourselves, and face up, towards Jesus. As we do that, we’ll see so much more, and be such a blessing to those around us, those who are part of this ‘body’, and those that aren’t yet in on it. On his way to preach, Jesus was so focussed on others, he’d stop for others, the children, the ill, the hurting, the needy. Sometimes our eyes are so set on our plans for ourselves, that we either ignore or miss out on the opportunities that are sitting right infront of us.

Be part of the body, realise that God has planted you there for a great purpose. You are MORE significant in the body, not less. And don’t be a lone ranger, you won’t get far. As we look to the one who created us, He will help us see those around us, the opportunities that are waiting for us to do something with, the people we can bless and honour, the lives we can help in so many ways.

This is part of the vision of the exp Young Adult Community at Kerith Community Church, but it should also be all of our visions for our lives, so lets break the selfish mould and get going.


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