2. In the body we are MORE significant, not less.

continuing from my previous post…

2. In the body we are MORE significant, not less. (1 Corinthians 12:14-18)

With celebrity culture, we are very concerned in making sure people know us. We like to think that as in individual we can draw a crowd because of who we are, that our name is known to as many as possible, and hopefully we can make a name for ourselves. We want to be considered significant because of who WE are as an individual. Often when we are in groups of people, we feel we blend into the background, and lose some of our importance and validity.

We all have many people we like to aspire to be like. Maybe its the globally known worship leader, or the million-copy-selling author, or the preacher who preaches and the hundred and thousands in the congregation go ‘wibbly-wobbly-shabba-dabba-doing’ in the Holy spirit (yes, that’s a Bible term). We see their status as an individual, call them significant and then feel that the only way WE will be signifcant is through some individual effort.

There is nothing wrong with role models, but realise that “God has carefully placed each part of the body right where he wanted it.” I love that. We are significant because of the place we have IN THE BODY. Not because we are seperate from it, not because we are a lone-success. It is through our place and how we function in the body. Jesus considers us all significant. We are children of God, that is our identity, not what we do, not what our role is, not our social status, our job status, our financial status. Our individual identity comes from the fact that we are sons and daughters of a living, loving and powerful God.


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