1. We are ONE body

Last Saturday night ‘exp’ had our first ever ‘Vision’. This is a night for us as Young Adults to gather, have a laugh, worship, stir each other up, have some teaching, encourage each other and then be filled with vision and purpose for the next season. I thought I’d use a few blog entries to mention the points I made in my message from the night, as really it applies to everyone, not just our group.

1. We are ONE body. (1 Corinthians 12:12-13)

In our culture today, we often isolate ourselves.

We sit in different homes, alone, and watch the same programmes on TV as everyone else at the same time as everyone else. Also, have you noticed that it’s not until we have snow disrupting our days that we actually begin to open up and talk with others in our street? The sense of community is being lost, and as individuals we are becoming more isolated around the globe. The world is getting smaller, but the world is also becoming more lonely. But God has not called us to this. He has called us to be in community, part of the body of Christ.

We are called to interaction, to communication, to mutual support, to mutual encouragement, to help. We don’t need to do it alone. As son’s and daughters of Christ, we are brought into His family, and we are automatically part of the big adventure. This is a global, planet transforming body. God is using the local church to represent this body in our area, lets step up to the responsibility and the excitement! If we can truly enter into this community, and truly realise what it is to be part of the body of Christ, what an exciting life we have ahead of us! Let’s live out what it is to be part of His body, part of the greatest community in the world, where everyone is invited.


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