Not many children called Judas…!

Sorry it has been so long since I’ve blogged. Started a whole load of new things recently. And although I’m still in the thick of these new things (new ministries/roles/responsibilities starting, trying still to get into a new routine of life down South etc.), but I thought it’s about time I blogged again anyway, before blogger cuts me off (I don’t know, can they even do that?! Who knows!). Anyway…

So, recently my reading has brought me through the gospels (it’s so worth continually going back to them, its what the whole Bible points to), and I re-read the tragedy of Judas Iscariot’s suicide. It’s a shame really that Judas is known for this. I’m not surprised though, as this is a major aspect of the story of Jesus, being betrayed by one of his own followers, who then could not deal with the guilt and committed suicide.

I guess because of Judas’ reputation, in this time of a revival of biblical baby’s names being used (all the Jacobs, Joshuas, Esthers, Noahs, Elijahs etc.), Judas never seems a popular one! That’s not really surprising either!

There is something we all need to grasp from Judas’ life though as followers of Christ also. Think about how Jesus felt for him. As we know from the last supper, He knew that Judas was going to betray him (Matthew 26:20-25), in fact Jesus knew from before Judas was born that he was going to betray Jesus. Remember that Jesus was fully man, and fully God, therefore Jesus knew what was going to happen to him, including the fact that Judas would betray Him. Jesus even knew this when he selected Judas Iscariot as one of His disciples.

This is an awesome truth. Despite knowing Judas’ flaws, knowing the decisions Judas would make, He still chose him. Judas was still given the power to drive out demons and heal the sick along with the other 11 disciples, despite Jesus knowing his future failings.

Today, we often reject ourselves from God’s plans, saying that we are not good enough, thinking that as we stumble, as we ‘mess up’, when we fail God, that we have had our chance and that’s it over. Lets remember that God has chosen us, remember God has chosen you. He has called us for a specific purpose that we have been made for. Who are we to reject ourselves from this? God knew from the start the decisions we would make and the paths we would take in life. Remember that He still chose us anyway. As a society today, the name ‘Judas’ may have a rough reputation, but God still chose him as one of the people closest to Him, regardless of what He knew Judas would do.

Lets be thankful of that, that despite our failings, God still loves and selects us. And, lets be determined to continue on the path God has set for us, as He knows us better than we’ll ever know ourselves!


3 thoughts on “Not many children called Judas…!

  1. Very insightful Mr Pocock. I was thinking about this today and how I eliminate myself quite often.Also, I love how you've changed your age on your "About me" section.

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