Bridging The Gap – Serving Others.

A friend of mine (Tom Lancaster) who I met this last year during my time at the Abundant Life Church, Bradford on their Leadership Academy directed a video for his final spoken assignment. This spoken assignment was all about sharing the importance of helping others, serving others, and how we have done this over the last year.

He created the below video as a thought provoking starter to his assignment. Personally, I knew all about the video and saw it being made, had fun being in the actual video and chatted to him about it so much that looking back, didn’t get a chance to truly reflect on it myself, and see what God spoke to me about through it.

After seeing it on the net today, it has got me thinking about being consumed by God and his Kingdom. So many of us are users at church. We go along, get what we can from it and leave. It is my passion to see people’s eyes light up at the thought of serving God’s Kingdom. The thought of being able to serve excellently in church, helping to build the community in any way we can is so exciting for me. And, it is my passion and desire to lead others to experience this in their lives also. As we help others in church, lets be a catalyst, so that those we help become helpers themselves, those we serve become servants also, those we welcome, become welcomers also. Jesus is our ultimate example as “the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve. I know I can sometimes get into a habit of just doing my ‘bit’, getting my job done and purely focussing on that. However, I feel we need to be setting examples, and helping to lead others to do the same. This is in our speech, our actions, our serving, our lifestyles. Lets not be afraid to guide others, help others, correct others (with a right attitude), so that collectively we can advance the Kingdom of God.

The church is the people, not the person.

Enjoy the video, well done Tom and Desmond, it rocks.

Bridging the Gap from Jezta on Vimeo.


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