‘Confessions of a Reformission Rev.’ – Mark Driscoll

In yet another distraction from my initial purpose for blogging, I’ve decided to take the chance to write about a book I’ve just read. Too often I read through books, and whether I enjoy them or not, I often don’t give myself the time to process what they were saying/showing/teaching me. Now I’ve finished my first read of a Mark Driscoll book, thought I’d give it some comments, mainly for my own benefit, but I guess for anyone else too! I’m not really in the mood to make it all ‘journalistic and fancy’ with my words, so for those ‘wordy’ people, bear with my lack of linguistic creativity!

“Confessions of a Reformission Rev.” – a really apt title for this book, as Mark Driscoll most definitely bares all , sharing the ups and downs of leading the Mars Hill Church , as he founded the church, and saw it grow in number from 0 to the thousands that attend today. Especially sharing all when he speaks about the time he pooed himself whilst preaching (!). (apologies for the use of the word ’pooed’, couldn’t bring myself to write ’crapped’ in a blog. I’ve just done it then, oh dear).

Mark Driscoll, from what I have gathered through reading, this book, listening to podcasts and having lengthy chats with others is a very confident, and blunt leader, who holds no punches to share what he believes the Word of God says. To be honest, before reading this book I had a thought that Driscoll was a bit arrogant, who hasn’t got the word ’sensitive’ in his vocabulary, and was one of those ’lets-be-controversial-for-the-sake-of-it-just-to-get-a-reaction’ type of men. However, this book has shown me how vulnerable he has made himself in order to share his convictions of what the Word says, and his determination to follow Christ wherever that takes him.

The book contains so much practical advice for leaders, and even though I am not leading a church, I felt there was plenty of fantastic biblical content for all people to learn from. However, personally, it wasn’t necessarily the practical advice and guidance that will stick with me from this book. What inspires me about Mark Driscoll from this book is his appreciation of each season of his journey. He speaks of his weaknesses, but was confident in his strengths, giftings and abilities. Driscoll is continually on a growth journey, he never settles for mediocrity, and will do all he can to seek God first in order to fulfil all that God has in store for him, whilst always serving his church and family also. ‘Confessions…’ is definitely worth a read, changed my opinion of Driscoll, and helps me to see where he is coming from when listening to the Mars Hill podcasts.


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