Jericho (2)

See the previous post to have a read of Joshua 5:13-15. So, in the last post I wrote about how we need to fight our own battles a lot of the time, God has promised us victory but all we need to do is actually face up to the battle, instead of shying away.

The second part of this passge sees Joshua fall facedown, and ask the angel for the message that God is sending. However, the angel ignores this request initially and reminds Joshua that he is standing on Holy ground, and needs to take his shoes off.

I want to highlight the importance of worship in this final comment on the Fall of Jericho. When Jesus gave us some help about prayer (Matthew 6-9-13), the way He structured it began with a line of worship and thanks: “hallowed be your name“. This shows the essential quality of having firstly a heart that puts God where He should be, at the top. At the top of priorities, at the top of your thinking, at the top of your lifestyle, above everything.

In the same way, Joshua was asked to fundamentally and initially worship God before anything else. Before asking for a message, before receiving from God, Joshua needed to take off his sandals, fall facedown and realise who God is. In the same way, I feel that we need to just worship God first before we go ahead and do the whole human ‘want want want‘ thing. Too many of us are desperate for the message, desperate for that word from God, desperate for that direction or guidance without worshipping Him first. I don’t just mean to sing a few Hillsong classics before asking God what you need for the day, I mean having a lifestyle of worship. Life habits and thoughts that elevate God first, place Him higher than your needs.

God will ultimately provide us what we need, but we need to live a life of worship to Him first, and through this, our attitudes will be right, as we will see God for who He truly is and what He can truly do for us.

So in the end, got a lot more out of the Fall of Jericho than I first thought I would get! A fresh read is always worth it!


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