Treading paths…

Yesterday I was wandering around the hills in Cornwall with Heather and her family, ‘Port Isaac’ to be specific. (Apologies for the shocking photo, my phone isn’t so hot on the ‘camera’ feature).

Walking around the hills and countryside, you have choices when walking ‘off the beaten track’.

1. Walk the created, concrete paths.
2. Walk the rugged, worn paths.
3. Walk through the harder way, making new paths behind you!

Its made me think about being a leader and innovator in life. Taking the paths already walked before, paths that have already been made is easier and more straightforward than walking the ‘rough’ way. But everything you see has already been seen and done before. By going places that have not been walked before, not only can you see new things, discover new places, do new things, but you leave behind you a new path for people to choose to go down.

Jesus’ teachings today can be viewed through a ‘comfortable’ lens nowadays. The Christian world is generally used to his teachings, but it is essential to realise that when Jesus first taught these lessons to the people at the time, it was ground breaking, controversial and challenged the society’s ideologies and preconceived ideas (in many ways it still has the same effect today!). Jesus didn’t walk down the paths that were already made, he challenged the norm, stood against the religious traditions of the time in order to bring the new truths to the world.

Being the first to make a new path may be hard, tough and at times slower, but think of the benefits!

Just a thought!


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