Realising Longevity (2)

In the last entry, I began to look at the importance of being purposeful with our futures, by having a spirit that endures for the long term. Personally I am declaring over my life that:
I’m in this for life God. Where other things crumble, other things fail, where I may fail in other things, my love for you and your desires will never cease. I will follow you forever, no matter what.”

In this entry, I want to think about longevity in times of difficulty.

The truth about life is that not everything results in the way that we want it to. Things happen that is not always our fault or what was planned that effect us negatively at first. These ‘storms’ in life can rock our lives, our eyes can be taken off our goals, our focus taken away from what we want to achieve. It is easy to be purpose driven, and goal orientated when things are going well. When the cash-flow in a business is good, when a relationship is flourishing through good times, when good grades follow hard work.

But what about when failure hits? What about when things aren’t so fruitful, many would give up, lose hope and be ineffectual.

As followers of Christ, to sustain ourselves in him, we need to be prepared for these storms in life. Look at the parable Jesus taught of the men who built their houses on the sand and rock (Matthew 7:24-27).

The wise man who built his house on the rock found his house remain when the storm hits. He knew that the storms would come and therefore built accordingly. In the same way, we must built our lives accordingly, prepared for storms, ready to be hit so that we stand strong against adversity.

God will protect us, but we also need to be aware that they will come, and not be fearful, or try to run away from them. Instead, built our lives faithfully, with our roots deep into God’s word, and aware of his hand over our lives. This way, longevity in Him can become a reality, not just a blind hope.


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